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This is an asynchronous web framework, designed to quickly build the required web services, whether it is Templates or APIs. So far, has no built-in database, cache and other functions. For those with difficulty in choosing, please use Django directly.

If you find any bugs, please visit Github Issues for feedback; if you have something to share, discuss with others, or want to add Features, welcome to visit Github Discussions to initiate a discussion.

Design inspiration

The name comes from kennethreitz's project of the same name, but with the development of various gradually deviates from the original design.

Install requires Python to be at least 3.7 and has no system requirements. If you cannot/do not want to upgrade the Python version, you can use docker to run

Install the package on pypi

pip install -U

Or install the latest version directly from Github

pip install -U git+[email protected]

Users in mainland China can pull from the mirror on Gitee

pip install -U git+[email protected]
Version: stable